Our Services

Customs Broker.

We offer complete Import and Export customs clearance services at all major air and sea ports in India.

With three decades of operation & Handling expertise, we combine extensive customs clearing and forwarding experience with the latest in information technology. We adhere to strict customs compliance and quality policy for all our operations; thereby eliminating delays and providing reliable service to our customers worldwide.

We are hands-on with the latest in customs compliances, regulations and procedures and offer clearance of import and export consignments by sea, air and road.

Our Services in Customs Clearing Include
Guidance for preparing import and export related documents as per customs compliance. Completion of appraisement and examination procedures and payments.

As Your Indian Agent, We Provide the Following Services
Import and export services.

Home consumption for duty paid.
In-Bond/Ex-Bond shipment
EPCG /  advance license shipments
Project import clearance
Direct delivery for perishable & specific cargo
Re-import after repairs / exhibition
Third country export clearance
High seas sale shipment clearance
Second hand capital goods
Free-of-charges shipments
Courier clearance
Freight Forwarding International - Air and Sea
Clearing and Forwarding (C&F)

Our C&F services spell ease, flexibility and professionalism. A robust process and service model ensure continuous information exchange between our international and local associates.

We guarantee the best standards in customer service with cost effectiveness and time bound deliveries. Our door-to-door services for all C&F assignments add to overall customer satisfaction.

Our long term service contracts with many freight forwarding - shipping lines and freight forwarding international airlines ensure confirm shipments on pre-confirmed dates and at reduce cost.

Why rely on us ?

Complete documentation and customs house brokerage services under one roof
Warehousing and distribution throughout India
Expedited delivery services
Total cargo monitoring with complete vessel detail
DDU and DDP processing
Worldwide network of agents servicing every major airport / seaport in the world
Single source clearance for all your transportation, customs and delivery requirements
Efficient customer support
Competitive rates
Flight details/ pre-arrival notice
Confirmed free time at seaports
Container unloading, palletization and trucking to any destination in India

Nominated Cargo
Our nominated cargo service is one of the most dependable and cost effective. We cater to over various national and international locations with our comprehensive freight and cargo services.

We undertake complete documentary, legal, customs compliance and statutory requirements, ensuring that your cargo and documents move in tandem and adhere to a predetermined schedule.

Our "Single Stop Nominated Cargo Service" includes

P.O / L.C scrutiny (cargo inspections, quota formalities etc)
Co-ordination with the shipper to meet the delivery schedule
Interaction with the various authorities such as
Inspection agencies
Quota authorities
Insurance companies etc
Container consolidation & inland transport
Customer brokerage
Preparation of document as per P.O/L.C norms
Securing export benefits on behalf of shippers
Daily status reports, monthly analysis & MIS report as per your needs
Trouble free and information driven service.


Domestic Transportation - Road Transportation
We provide an efficient, professional, and competitive transport service using our own fleet vehicles.
We provide a completely personalized and dedicated service for all your road transportation needs.

Our vast experience in the domain ensures our customers a reliable door-to-door transport solution for their cargo.

We offer our services through a vast fleet of specialized transport vehicles for your varied road transportation requirements including specialized vehicles.


Inventory Warehousing and Distribution.

In our endeavor to offer end-to-end business solutions, and peace of mind, we extend inventory warehousing and distribution service to all our clients, importers and exporters. These services recognize your warehousing and transportation requirements and enhance coordination.

Our sophisticated inventory warehousing systems provide standard and customer-specific stock and MIS reports. Our dedicated IT systems allow us to deliver information on a regular or ad hoc or basis, via all communication media.

We can provide the Following Inventory Warehousing and Distribution Services

Container storage
Pallet storage (racked and block stacking)
Container packing / unpacking
Stretch wrapping
Shrink wrapping
Inventory reporting and MIS
Order picking
Storage pending delivery (long and short term)
Pallet control
Surveyors reports
Full range of specialist materials handling equipment Third Country Export (Cross Trade)

Rajkumar Freight Forwarders  is well adept with the intricacies involved in cross trading and is a full-service provider for clients dealing in cross trade. We provide complete information and processing for cross trade shipments from around the world. 

We operate through a highly credible network of associates at various strategic locations across the globe. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of reliable, affordable and time-bound cross trade solutions.

Our overseas co-ordination department works full-time to ensure co-ordination, scheduling, supervision of connecting movements and collection of goods.

Post Shipment Activities

 we realize that our responsibility does not cease just after your freight has arrived safely. We offer specialized post shipment activities through our team of experienced and knowledgeable individual professional.

The Service Entails Advising and Guiding Clients on Issues Pertaining to

Claiming duty drawbacks
Script /licence verification.
DFRC verification
Bond/BG cancellations and more
4% additional SAD refund claims

Our express service ensures that the relevant paperwork is complete and accurate in all aspects and is submitted to the appropriate authority in time.


Export Import License - DGFT Licensing
The business of foreign trade requires a thorough working knowledge of the latest rules and provisions in force from time to time.

We  will be your liaising partner in the field of licensing and policy procedures and handhold you through the complete licensing formalities at ¬†the Director General Foreign Trade.

We are abreast with the latest in export import policies and procedural formalities with respect to your line of business. Our uncompromised service and follow-ups make sure that our clients achieve the desired goals in the least possible time.

Our Services Cover

Applications for

New import-export code (IE code) number
Modification/ Duplicate of IE code
Updation of IE code
EPGC license/ Redemption of advance license 
and EPGC license
Transferable duty free authorization
Duty script license for service
Export house certificates

Advanced Licenses for

Cases where standard input-output norms are fixed
Cases where standard input-output norms are not fixed

  • Special Cases Falling Under

Vishesh Krishi Yojna duty script

*Restricted lists

Focus - Market or Focus - Product scheme

Value Added Services
Phytosanitary certificate / Fumigation certificate
Freight Packaging
House stuffing consignment
Assisting SGS inspection and CRF report
Octroi exemption facility and refund claim procedures
Processing Certificate of Origin
Documents legalization from consulates
Processing of CE certificate

FSSAI Registration and Renewal.
Other services related to import and export